ClockOn - your personal working time capture for iPhone. Runs on the iPad, too.

Takes your work time in only 2 secs.

Still incredibly simple.

Version 3.0 released October 25th, 2015!


- Roster: You can now create shift sequences or shift cycles. Tap all shifts on the roster page that belong together, and give the cycle a name - that's all. You can add a shift cycle to the calendar as easily as a single shift.

- You can now select which calendar ClockOn should use for your roster. To do so, go to the roster page and turn the unit to landscape mode. Top right is displayed a button with the name of the selected calendar. By tapping this button, you can choose a different calendar. You may need to create a new calendar in the Calendar app, first.

- Send your roster as iCal file: On the roster page at the upper right, you find a button "email" (only visible if you don’t have selected anything in the list). With this button you can make an email with an attached ical-file. This file can easily be imported into any calendar. You can, of course, enter the email address in the settings of ClockOn.

- The email for your work hours now uses an HTML table. If necessary the old presentation can be switched on again in the settings of ClockOn.


- With iOS 8 and iOS 9 the help files did not show. This has been fixed.

- Sometimes the App crashed when opening the roster page. This was fixed, too.


Now available: YouTellMe

YouTellMe - the iPad app that helps to communicate with the hard of hearing.

Customers please note:
Unfortunately rotating the screen does not work correctly with iOS 9.1
The screen rotates, but the keyboard does not. You cannot rotate the screen back as the button is hidden now.

There is one way to reset the screen:
- delete the App from your iPad
- go to AppStore, go to search page and search for YouTellMe
- once found, tap the blue cloud symbol to install the app again. You will not be charged again.
- please do not use the turn over button again...

I am trying to fix the problem, but that my take a couple of days.

Sorry for the inconvenience!