ClockOn - your personal working time capture for iPhone. Runs on the iPad, too.

Takes your work time in only 2 secs.

Still incredibly simple.

Version 3.2 released 11/2017


- The shift definition can now specify an address and an alert time. This information is entered in the calendar. The alert will be used by the calendar app, and the map app can display the fastest route.

- It is possible to enter an address in the settings, which will then be used for all shifts - if the shift does not have its own address.

- In the settings you can now enter a prefix for the calendar entries in the email. This prefix is inserted before the shift name. Thus, instead of "early shift", for example, "Peter early shift" is sent.


- The issue of occasional crashes on iOS 10 and iOS 11 has been resolved.


Now available: YouTellMe

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