When starting up, tap on the green start button. page4_1 The begin of your day is recorded now, the new entry is displayed with red text color. The start button has changed to gray (inactive). page4_2

The break button page4_3 and the stop button page4_4 are active now.


Use the break button
page4_3 to record the begin of your break.
The button symbol changes during your break:

Next to the button the actual break time is displayed. You stop the break time by touching the page4_7 - button which changes back to the page4_3 Symbol. If you have another break later on the time is added.


At the end of the day you touch the stop button.
page4_4 Now the entry for the day ist closed and displayed in black text.

You can edit all data, also of the current day (Red text), e.g. to enter a comment for the day. You cannot edit the break length or the end of the day during your break, however.



To calculate overtime, you first specify your usual work on the "shifts" page. For changing working hours, enter the appropriate times, such as early shift, late shift and night shift. Tap your normal shift to label it with a blue hook and a green background as the default shift.
You like it even more simple? See how to record your working time at the end of the day only!